I’m totally in love with BTS comeback! Yup, BTS made a special comeback this time. The album contains of 29 songs! There are 3 new songs (Fire, Save Me, and Forever Young), full edition songs of previous album’s intros/outros, and remix of previous songs (on previous HYYH albums) such as Run Ballad remix, I need You urban remix, etc. There are my favorite songs from HYYH part 1 and part 2 too in this album such as Ma City and Dope. ❤

Don’t ask me which one is my favorite song in this album! Because I LOVE THEM ALL! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

There are 3 Music Videos for this comeback. Forever Young, Fire, and Save Me.

Forever Young had been released before the album was released. What could I say about this song? It hits right into my heart! LMAO 😀 ❤ But seriously, this song is so dope! I could feel the pain, the hope, the struggle, and the dreams of BTS members.

“Forever….we are young….”

OMG! This is the last HYYH series. 😦 The epilogue. Is that mean we could expect more mature and manlier BTS for the next comeback? Since the Young series had ended. I don’t know. The real BTS fans (Army), please enlighten me. 😀 ❤ I like many boygroups, not into just one group, so I don’t know much about everything happen in a certain group and fandom such as gossip, rumors, schedule, etc. 😀

The next MV is Fire! This was released alongside with the album. Love the beat! Love the dance! BTS members said that Fire dance is more difficult and more intense than Danger and Dope’s dance. Wow! Can’t wait to watch their live performance on music shows!

This MV is really cool and fun too. Like the title, there are a lot of fire! The scene when BTS members playing fire on the stove….LMAO 😀 😀 😀

Suga is really attractive here! ❤ In my opinion of course. Sorry, V! 😀

Jung Kook is handsome as usual. I love his curly hair and his cheeky flirty smile. ❤

You should check out the MV below to know how ear catching the song is and how fun the dance is! This song makes me want to dance along!


As for the 3rd MV, Save Me, I don’t know when it would be released. I really like Save Me! So do many people. Eric Nam (singer) also posted on his SNS, giving support for BTS and saying that he likes Save Me. I bet the MV would be good! Maybe that’s why BigHit hides it for later, as a thankful gift for fans? Maybe…Must be. 😀

BTS…please save me from this fire on my heart. LOL 😀

Watch the MV making / behind the scene too! It’s funny how Jin got scared easily because of the fire. 😀


4 thoughts on “BTS!

  1. AYYYYAAAKKKK SUKA BANGET KAK KAMU NGEPOST INI 😆💙💕 ya amoun maafin aku yg udah jadi reader kurang ajar yg maunya baca sama ninggalin jejak di poatingan abt bangtan cause u know lah… IM TOTALLY BANGTANED 😆💙💕😌 YIP YIP… “this big around applause cant be mine forever.” sama “even if they keep saying there’s no the everlasting Im going to keep my dreams.” those hit my emo perfectly 😆💙💕 sueeer suka bgt. And fire, omg this song is the difficult one to understand. I watch it for many times, but still i dont get it. Heol hahaha xD well just blame my lame brain, and for save me, that song hasnt hit my heart yet. I caught a rhythm sounds like indonesian traditional music, idk but aku bkm bisa suka save me hahaha. Get amazed bgt sama full versnya love is not over and house of cards. Awww thanks bighit :’)

    • Ya ampun House of Cards full version keren bangeeettt ya. Suka suka sukaaa 💖💕
      Hihihi…nanti mungkin suka save me nya klo udh ada MV nya. Belum ada info ya kapan MV nya dirilis?
      Ah nggak sabar liat perf mereka d panggung 😄

    • Fire enak buat jingkrak2. LOL 😹😹😹😹😹
      Emang nggak ngerti jalan cerita MV nya. Kayaknya cuma have fun aja sama api. Wkwkwkwk
      Ngakak lah yg mereka dance di depan kompor gas

      • Hahaha iya kak bener bgt. Ini beda sama lagu2 dan mv yg lain yg ibaratnya sekali denger langsung ngeh “oh… Jadi gitu” hahhaha xD astaga itu lawak bgt kak… Bawaannya hepi terus liat mreka… Awwww sayang bangtan :’)

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