I Need More WINNER Videos! >_<

Seriously, I need more WINNER videos! I’m craving for them. >_<. LOL
YG, please….please…please…. make WINNER debut soon. >_<
It’s not enough for me just watching their fan-cams at Hello Winner, YG family concert, and 2NE1’ AON concert. I need to see their MV and their performance on music shows. And I really really really wanna hear their album! I wanna hear their self composed songs. I know it will be good. They’re not only good in singing but also in writing lyric and composing songs. ❤ They’re not just “idols” but “musicians”.
I should be getting bored always watching the same WINNER videos (their performances cut at WIN) almost every day, but I’m not. That’s because I’m spellbound by them. LOL.
This is silly, I never felt so happy like this before, when my favorite group released a CF video. But you know what? I felt so happy when last night they released fanta’s cf video. LOL LOL LOL
Why am I like this?! They even still haven’t debut yet. Congratulations, YG! I think you’ve success to make us love your new boy group crazily, even before they make their official debut.

Anyway, today is Nam Tae Hyun’s birthday. Actually I want to write a fanfiction about him, but I barely have times. I’m preparing for graduate entrance exam. So, for this month and next month I guess I won’t be able to write fanfiction. I’ll try, but not promise. At free time, I only have time for watching videos to release my stress, not for writing fanfiction. Writing fanfiction takes a long time. I’m so sorry. 

I wrote this blog post because :
1. I really want to write at my blog, write anything! I love writing, but now I don’t have time to write a story. It’s too long and will take a really really really long times.
2. I’m in love with WINNER.
3. Today is Nam Tae Hyun’s birth day.
4. I’m craving for Nam Tae Hyun’s sweet voice.
5. I realize now that my 1st bias in WINNER is no longer Kang Seung Yoon. (I’m so sorry, Seung Yoon. >_<)



3 thoughts on “I Need More WINNER Videos! >_<

  1. azmiiii sadarrrrr!!! *eh

    ahh actually sometimes I feel I like Seunghoon more than KSY, but when I hear Yoonie’s voice~ I love him more and more >,<,, that's so silly. It's my 1st time couldn't pick just one biased for my favorite boyband (yeahh I know bfore I loved Xiumin and Chanyeol, but I do love Xiumin more kkkk~) *kenapa jadi curhat

    aaa I'm craving for more Winner's thing too T.T, bcz KSY and LSH I watched Kpopstar and KpostarK2 ~

    hmm.. I will miss u're FF mii… and for me, my 1st bias in Winner always be Kang Seung Yoon *and Lee Seung Hoon as an additional kkkkk~~ /busan line manse!!!

    oke,, good luck for u're exam! Fighting!

    • Wkwkwk…aku skrg seungyoon ada di posisi ke 2. XD
      Ah biasa deh aku kan suka ganti2 bias2. LOL LOL LOL
      Thank youuu N. >_<
      Aku blm sempet baca FF kmu yg baru. .hehe. Ntar malem aku baca aah. ;o)

      • ahhhhhhhhh seung yoon kuuu (?) >,<

        kekkekekkee~~~ tapi kan tipe nya (?) yg seperti itu ahahhaa.. kita mah damai *emang kapan ngge

        sama2 miii..

        hehe santai ajah itu mahhhhh :*

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