Door 扉 (Excerpt from The Hyde, page 14)


Excerpt from The Hyde, page 14.

振り向いたなら いつでもそこにある記憶の扉

If I turn around, as always the door of memories is there


Upon gently opening it, a flood of images carries me away


Just as if I were a dead fish offering no resistance


Floating away on this sea of memories…


And then countless scenes* repeat themselves

痛み 願い 悦び 不安

Pain    Hope**    Joy    Anxiety

笑顔 愛情 悲しみ 憎しみ

A smile    Love    Grief    Hatred

感覚だけで ぼやけたものから

Though only sensations, that which is blurry

あまりに強く 鮮明なもの・・・

Becomes far too vivid…

失くしたいもの 失くしたくないもの

That which you do not wish to lose, that which you wish to lose

僕の意思に関係なく それらは流れ込んでくる

Regardless of my intentions, everything comes gushing forward


And now the dead fish has begun to rot

今は閉ざされた その扉の中にまた

Now the door is closed and behind those doors once more


Perhaps something new will be revealed***

(self portait no. 6)

Source: frack-y


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